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A Trendy Doors for Trendy Home

Technowin uPVC windows & Doors is a Kerala (India)-based company specializing in the manufacturing and installation of uPVC windows and doors. The company has a leading position in the building and construction industry.

Technowin brings you the best of international expertise and sophisticated technology in the wide range of uPVC quality windows and doors.

Technowin has already built a solid reputation in the industry for the quality of its products. Our windows and doors are particularly suited to withstand harsh weather conditions and they are also very effective in blocking the ingress of noise, water, and dust.

In recognition of the company's achievements, Technowin uPVC windows & Doors were chosen for the Crown Certificate Award for the best Fabricator Of Plastone uPVC Systems.

Manufactured with the technical assistance of India’s Leading Brands Plastone, Oben, and WindSeal - Technowin products are the foremost in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

Each Technowin product is custom-made by highly-skilled technicians in strict accordance with international quality standards. With over 600 profile designs, aesthetically appealing and technically appropriate solutions can be found in all products of Technowin

Stringent quality checks endure that DIN & ISO standards are maintained and that the products offer lasting value and high levels of functional reliability and user comfort.

To ensure that our products stand up to the toughest test, we only use window accessories produced by Leading Brands Which is Having warranties on their Products.

The high levels of efficiency in Technowin's uPVC Windows, design, function, physical properties, environmental protection, and responsible handling of raw material resources meet the highest requirements and combine perfectly with the know-how of the window manufacturers to the benefit of our clients.

Crown Certificate Award

Plastone, Oben, and WindSeal

DIN & ISO standards

International Expertise


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