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About Us

Technowin uPVC windows & Doors is a Kerala (India)-based company specializing in the manufacturing and installation of uPVC windows and doors. The company has a leading position in the building and construction industry.

Crown Certificate - Plastone uPVC Systems.

international expertise

sophisticated technology

solid reputation

technical assistance of India’s Leading Brands

international quality standards

About Us

Experienced Workers

Each Technowin product is custom-made by highly-skilled technicians in strict accordance with international quality standards. With over 600 profile designs, aesthetically appealing and technically appropriate solutions can be found in all products of Technowin

Stringent quality checks endure that ISO & DIN standards are maintained and that the products offer lasting value and high levels of functional reliability and user comfort.

ISO Standards

More than 75'000 SQFT in an Year

Most preferred uPVC Manufacturer

Crown Certified Company

Best Awarded Company

The Crown Certificate Award for the best Fabricator Of Plastone uPVC Systems.